crafting workshop

At little junebugs, we think the process of creating arts & crafts is just as important as the craft itself. We love to watch little artists sit and tinker with our crafting tools and supplies, without feeling any pressure to create a specific work of art. That's why we have the $10 crafting hour. Your child can use the materials we set out weekly and craft anything they dream up...and we clean up the mess! And, we have a "Wall of Wonder"- crafts and artwork donated by some of the most generous and creative little junebugs, if your little junebugs needs some inspiration! 

*if your child would like to add paint to their craft hour, there is an additional $5 fee.

The crafting workshop is open Tuesday- Sunday from 12-5pm. Please call ahead to make an appointment! 626-440-7300.

Want to craft at home with Courtney? 

Check out her some of her craft blog posts, just click on the photo and it will link you to her work!